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Lil Nail Shoppe of Smicksburg


Missed Appointments: Your time of pampering is reserved just for you. If you are unable to keep your appointment. Please cancel within 8 hours of your scheduled time. If more than 2 appointments are missed without a cancellation call the client will be but on a "Call that day" status. Booked ahead appointments will not be accepted. 
Wedding Parties must cancel with in 2 days of scheduled appointment times. There will be a $10.00 fee per service for parties not cancel with in the 2 day time limit. Wedding parties are booked with a credit card, cash or check deposit. All deposits will be credited at time of service.

Why a Missed Appointment Policy?
Holly Schippers AKA The Fingernail Fixer Explains:

When you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, four people lose:

1. YOU, the client, do not receive the nail service and care that you need, which may result in service breakdown and costly repairs.

2. Other clients WHO NEED NAIL SERVICE AND CARE could not be seen because we scheduled that time for you exclusively.

3. OUR SALON loses because the nail professional that you were scheduled with is idle during your appointment time.

4. THE NAIL PROFESSIONAL loses because they are paid on commission.  When they don't work, they don't earn a commission.  Imaging showing up for work and being told " Sorry, between 1 and 2 we don't have any work for you to do.  We previously HAD work for you to do, but the work didn't show up"

Late arrivals: Late arrivals of 15 min or more may be subject to a rescheduled appointment.

Returns and Refunds: Returns can be made on a exchange basis due to defective products. Refunds will be accepted in retail on a credit or exchange basis.

Payment: Payment is due at time of service, unless special arrangements have been agreed to in advance. We accept cash and checks. We do not accept Debt, MC or Visa at this time. All unpaid services maybe subject to a $10.00 late for every week payment is not received.

NSF Checks: Any check returned for NSF will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee.

Gift Certificate Policy: Gift certificate must be presented upon service. Only one certificate per visit.  Non transferable. Lost, stolen or misplaced certificates are not the responsibility of The Lil' Nail Shoppe of Smicksburg. Expired gift certificates will be honored on a "Call that day" status. No appointments will be booked ahead. Expired certificate presented during a " booked appointment may be subject to a service charge

Children in the Salon: Everyone knows I love little ones. However my shop is not the safest place for them. Please, I don’t mind if you bring your children but keep a eye on them. Climbing on the equipment and playing with the product has caused disaster and injury. If you can bring someone along to accompany them. Nothing breaks my heart more than a hurt kiddo!