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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bree Soft & Simple

Courtney: Acrylic Fill with Stamped Nail Art.

Jackie: Acrylic Fill with hand painted nail art.

Erin: Full Set with Stamped Nail Art.

Kathy: Gel Fill With Multi Color Stamped Nail Art.

Kim: Acrylic Fill with Hand Painted Nail Art.

Kathy: Gel Fill With Leaf Nail Art.

Kim: Magnetic Gel Polish

Marianne: Acrylic Fill, Gel Polished and Stamped Leaf nail Art.

Michelle: Gel Polished with Leaf Nail Art.

Robin: Full Set With Glitter and Peacock Nail Art.

Sierra: Full Set Ladybug Nail Art

Sara: Acrylic Fill, Gel Polish, Glitter and Leaf Nail Art.

Sierra: Acrylic Fill, Gel Polished with Chunky Glitter.

Tiffany: Gel Polished and Hand Painted Nail Art.

Jackie's Swirls!

Oh! Yeah!

109 New Glitter Colors!!!


My Favorite Time of the Year!