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Friday, April 12, 2013

Amber: Full set with cheetah Nail Art!

Amanda: Acrylic fill with handpainted dot art.

Sisters Ashley & Tiffany both wearing Gel polish with hand painted art! Very nice meeting you both!

Brittany: Gel polish with glitter and stamped nail art.

Amy: Gel Polish french with glitter. Congratulations Amy on becoming a "MRS"! Be Happy!

Deanna & Alicia with Spring Dot Art! I know I have said it before! I love dots!

Carrie: Rx nails with a pigment marble

Jackie M: Acrylic fill with a pigment marble.

Tracey C: Gel polished with stamped nail art.

Robin & Sierra getting in some good Mother & Daughter time.

Robin: Acrylic Fill with stamped nail art.

Kathy: Gel Fill with glitter and chunky glitter.

Jeanine with her Easter Wisps!

Olivia: Acrylic fill with "Yes Olivia" HANDPAINTED nail art LOL!!! Love u!

Matraca: Acrylic fill with glitter fade and stamped nail art!

Sierra: Acrylic fill with french tips and her elephant stamped nail art! Enjoy Sierra! Love Ya

Jackie K: Acrylic Fill with Ombre polish and stamped nail art

Michelle: Gel polished with hand painted and stamped  bunny nail art.

Misty: Acrylic fill with gel polish, glitter, handpainted  and stamped nail art.

Sarah: Acrylic filled and foiled.

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